Yozmot Atid's Method

Yozmot Atid enables thousands of women to establish independent businesses

Building infrastructure, tools, and methods that make it possible to significantly advance and expand the field of small business entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on women’s entrepreneurship, in Israel’s geographic and social periphery.

Program Components

Program Components

Our program provides high-level training and support from professional facilitators as well as personal volunteer mentors, who have extensive business experience, and have received mentorship skills provided through our unique mentor training program:  

• A 3-session preparatory course to refine the business idea and empower the entrepreneurs
• A 6-session business training course in the fields of marketing, financial management and business development
• Dedicated, ongoing business support by a volunteer mentor
• Possibility of a subsidized loan at preferential terms
• Services and benefits to the business through Yozmot Atid’s business partners
• Joining local networking groups and exposure to new customers

Nation-wide influence

10,000 Beneficiaries
5,500 Alumni
3,000 Mentors
1,000 Entrepreneurs every year


400 Mentors
50 Courses
80 Group Screenings

And it works!

72% of the women succeed in setting up a small business at the end of the program.               

75% report net monthly business income of at least 6,000 ILS

65% report annual revenue growth of 10-15%