We believe that everyone
deserves the opportunity
to own a small business

*Referral on the site is intended for both men and women

Your Small Business

If you have the motivation to change your financial situation, if you have a talent that can transform to an income-generating business – we are here for you, to accompany you from the beginning, all the way, until you have your own small business.

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If you have the desire to contribute from your time and experience and to take part in changing the financial situation of thousands of families in Israel, Join the hundreds of volunteers of ‘Yozmot Atid’ and influence.

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Your donation will support the establishment and development of our entrepreneur’s business; group training and workshops; customized business plans; professional business mentoring and the entire support package given to her for a full year.

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The Organization

‘Yozmot Atid’ (former ‘Latet Atid’) supports the establishment and development
of small businesses of women who are interested in changing their economic situation,
earning a decent living and achieving financial independence.
We believe that everyone should get a real opportunity to realize their dream
and to own an independent business that will be a source of livelihood and pride.
‘Yozmot Atid’ (former ‘Latet Atid’) offers a full support package for each entrepreneur,
including a business plan; long-term business support through volunteering mentor;
business training; loan under preferential terms and a variety of professional services
and benefits to promote the business. 

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