Female Led Microbusiness Development for Promoting a Culture of Peace

Business Connections for a Shared Society

A special West-East Jerusalem project creating business connections for a shared society in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The “Female Led Microbusiness Development for Promoting a Culture of Peace”, funded through USAID’s Conflict Management and Mitigation, empowers female-led microbusinesses and subsequent socioeconomic advancement through training and mentorship, to bring together 1,000 Palestinian and Jewish Israeli women from East and West Jerusalem over the period of three years. The project uses this mechanism as a platform for participants to directly address challenges related to the conflict under the guidance of experienced mentors and community leaders.

In the framework of the program, the 1,000 women from East and West Jerusalem will undergo a course on business entrepreneurship, partake in joint meetings and workshops, and go on joint trips together with the goal of networking and creating business collaborations.

Upon completion of this course, each woman will receive a professional mentor for one year. Guided by their mentor, they will then put to use the tools they learned throughout the course and work to establish a successful business.

This program is carried out in collaboration with USAID, Bank HaPoalim, and Alstom Foundation.