‘Yozmot Atid’ (Non for Profit organization) was established in order to reduce the social gaps in Israel by empowering the underprivileged and providing them with tools to help them to establish and develop small businesses.

The method: Building infrastructures, tools and methods that will enable the promotion and expansion of small business entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on women’s entrepreneurship, in the geographic and social periphery of Israel.

‘Yozmot Atid’ accompany motivated individuals who want to turn an initial idea or a professional talent into an independent business. Such a business would allow them and their families to live in financial relief. ‘Yozmot Atid’ enables thousands of women and men in Israel – Jewish, Arab, secular, ultra-Orthodox, new immigrants, Bedouin, Druze and others – to establish their own small, independent, business.

The organization provides the tools and accompanies the entrepreneurs from the initial idea stage until the establishment of a new business or through business development for an existing business. And all this – free of charge.


Our Vision

To build a stable, more egalitarian society in Israel. Society that will include thousands of additional families living in financial relief, through the business empowerment of underprivileged, motivates individuals, and so – the establishment of thousands of successful enterprises.

‘Yozmot Atid’ leads a new vision of an Israeli society that places small business entrepreneurship, and in particular – micro business initiatives of women – as top priority. We are working to bridge the gap between the two “states of Israel” – Israel as a ‘start-up nation’, and the second Israel, where poverty and inequality rate are among the highest in the OECD.

‘Yozmot Atid’ is committed to turn Israel into a start-up nation, not only in high-tech but also in the realm of small entrepreneurship. In this way, we believe, it is possible to bring about a real economic and social revolution.

This change could be realized by leading thousands of independent individuals who will establish and develop successful small businesses and will provide their families with prosperity, stability and financial independence.

By the beginning of 2020, over 3,000 small businesses had been established with the assistance of ‘Yozmot Atid’. We plan for 1,000 additional businesses each year to be established with the help of our organization. Thousands of successful and profitable businesses, thousands of families living with dignity and financial independence. Thousands of families contribute significantly to the economic and social strength of the State of Israel.

Our Mission

To provide a real opportunity for women and men of initiative, to establish a small independent business, to realize their dream and to act to change their financial situation. ‘Yozmot Atid’ produces the full platform for them to initiate and embark on financial independence. The dream, knowledge and talent of the entrepreneur together with the practical and special tools we have developed for them makes the road clear and put the success at hand.