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Everything you need to succeed, all in one place and for free

Business training in marketing, financial management, business development and more

Long-term business mentoring with a dedicated mentor, who is professional business consultant

Customized business plan

Various of services and benefits for your business, through the organization's business partners

Extended support from professionals from different occupation fields

Small loan under preferential terms

mentoring at any age, for every population and sector, and for a variety of business types

Marketing through local and national collaborations

Participation in local networking groups and exposure to new customers

Check Your Suitability to Join Our Team of Entrepreneurs

Our Target Population:
> Underprivileged individuals interested in starting a small business
> Owners of an existing business that needs a ”boost” and business development
> Individuals who experience financial difficulty and wish to improve their situation
> Individuals with motivation, initiative, and the desire to make change in their lives

What Is The Admissions Process?

1. Initial examination of compliance with criteria
2. Digital Registration: Submit a full application form
3. Business feasibility meeting with business coordinator
4. financial analysis and approval of submission to the admission committee
5. Admission committee