There Is No Stronger Feeling Than Helping Someone to Realize Their Dream

Come and be part of the Volunteer Team of ‘Yozmot Atid’.
If you have a desire to contribute from your time and share your professional knowledge and experience with an entrepreneur in his first steps, if you have the motivation to take an active part in changing the financial situation of thousands of families in Israel.

Join the hundreds of volunteers in ‘Yozmot Atid’ and make your mark

Our Mentors

Our mentors are professional, accomplices, supporters, teachers and partners in the process of development of our entrepreneurs. Mentors take an active part in the establishment and development of the business and in the entrepreneur’s financial empowerment and prosperity. The satisfaction is enormous!


The team of experts provides a professional short-term support
Areas of consultation: accountants, lawyers, marketing people, digital personnel, graphic designers and other professions relevant to small business development.

Recruitment Coordinators

A telephone in-depth interviews and conversation to support, explain and encourage the entrepreneurs at the beginning, help in preparing them to the tasks needed for the journey toward independence.

Regional Training and Operations Coordinator

A team of volunteers who run the entrepreneurship training programs, follow the mentoring process, are in direct contact with our mentors and entrepreneurs in the process of setting up and developing their business.