Weinberg Alumni, Yozmot Atid 

Weinberg – Yozmot Atid Alumni

We are proud to present some of our mutual program’s graduates. You have met a few of them over the Zoom. These alumni embodying an entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to reach a greater personal and community potential.

You are welcome to encourage them, use their services and forward this message to your friends and family members on!


Guest house


Interior architecture

Bringing art to life

Art Lectures

Las empanadas de Karina

South American food empanadas

Chani Levin

Matchmaking for the ultra-Orthodox community

Yael Nadlar

Guidance and financial counseling for families

Hatha raja yoga

Yoga Studio

English Coaching

Learning English

Ayala Cohen

Architecture and Interior Design

Malka Winner

Laughter Yoga Workshops

Yael Fish

A series of basic, simple and easy products are incorporated into different levels of learning, from which children can learn on their own.